Harvey Comics was an American comic book publishing company founded in 1941 and closed in 1994. The company is mostly known for their kid-friendly comics based on Casper The Friendly Ghost, Sad Sack, Hot Stuff, and Richie Rich. In 1942, Harvey acquired the comic rights to The Green Hornet after Helnit Comics ended their series in 1941, and continued the Helnit numbering, starting from issue #7.

List of Harvey Comics Featuring The Green Hornet Edit

  • The Green Hornet Comics #7-33: Continues the adventures of Helnit's comic version of The Green Hornet.
  • Green Hornet Fights Crime #34-43: The first re-naming of the series, but continues the Green Hornet Comics numbering.
  • Green Hornet: Racket Buster #44-47: The second re-naming of the series. Continues the Green Hornet Fights Crime numbering.
  • War Victory Comics (One-Shot): A special one-shot comic from 1942 featuring The Green Hornet in a story.
  • All New Comics #13 & 14: An anthology book where The Green Hornet appeared in two issues.