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Green Hornet Seal
The character Green Hornet was originally created by George W. Trendle, aided and abetted somewhat by a book he came across called The Adventures of Jimmie Dale by Frank Pritchard. According to the novel, Jimmie Dale was a wealthy heir and member of the prestigious St. James Club by day, but at night, he enjoyed breaking into businesses and homes to crack their safes for “the sheer deviltry of it.” He did not actually steal anything — he did it because he could. He was a modern-day Robin Hood who left a diamond-shaped gray paper seal at the scene of his crimes and became known in the press as The Gray Seal (The Hornet, in his turn, leaves his own seal, the semblance of a green hornet). His real identity stayed a secret until he was caught in the act by a woman who chose to blackmail him into using his unique talents to help others. Before long, he was taking on organized crime and various bad guys. All the while, he tried to stay ahead of the police and avoid being discovered by the press.


The Green Hornet official movie trailer - [HD]
The Green Hornet Movie Trailer

The Green Hornet Movie Trailer




Masks #1 Francesco Francavilla cover

Masks (stylized MASKS) is a crossover comic book series by Dynamite Entertainment, written by Chris Roberson with art by Alex Ross. It features the Green Hornet and Kato, as well as the Shadow, the Spider and many other pulp heroes. The series has eight issues in total. Masks #1 was released on November 28, 2012.

The official description of the series from Dynamite reads:

"The crossover you’ve been waiting for! Before superheroes, there were Masks!
The Shadow, the Green Hornet, Kato, the Spider and more in a story that only Dynamite could tell! For the first time EVER, these masked vigilantes are joining together in one EPIC series! It’s 1938, and the Justice Party has swept into office in New York State. But the newly-elected officials are in the control of powerful criminals, who quickly corrupt the law to their own advantage. When a fascist police state is instituted, the only ones who stand in defense of the innocent are masked vigilantes like the Shadow, the Green Hornet, Kato, and the Spider. As the confrontation builds, more masked heroes will join the fight including Black Bat, Miss Fury, Black Terror, Green Lama and many more! When the law is unjust, justice must be an outlaw!"


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  • XD1

    Criminals to Justice!

    15 January 2011 by XD1

    I always loved the Hornet, just like Batman:

    • No superpowers, only brains & technology
    • Has cool car
    • Has sidekick
    • Operates "above the law"

    Classic relatable-hero attributes. Can't wait to see the film, brus…

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  • Scarecroe

    Forgotten Franchise

    14 January 2011 by Scarecroe

    I've gotta admit, I've never really been exposed to any version of The Green Hornet. I've been fleetingly aware of it, of course. But it wasn't until the new Hollywood makeover that I really paid any…

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